Saturday, July 19, 2008

my thoughts on love

You know that DC Talk song, Love is Verb!

Love is a verb, its an action, it is intentional. It’s not passive, it’s not a feeling, and it’s not a state of being. It’s not something you fall into. It’s not a wall you hit.

Love is a conscious effort to put someone else before you. It is wanting the very best for that other person even it that means its not you.

The determination and the dedication you have with each other will keep you together but make it about something bigger than that. Its is not just about two people in their own little world, It is about two people whose love for each other is a glimpse of the shadow of God’s love for you. Having someone who loves you, who picked you specifically, and you loving them back is a that same glimpse for the world around you to see an example of the love God has for them. Your love for each other should be a testimony of God’s love for human kind.

Love is always connected with what you do.

The greatest demonstration is the story of God sending His only Son, and Jesus giving His life for our salvation.