Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 7th, 2012

I literally couldn't believe my eyes. Since it was early in the morning, I thought my eyes just hadn't woken up yet. Things were blurry and I couldn't believe my eyes that there were two pink lines. I kept rubbing them and bring the pee stick closer and then farther away to make sure they were still there. I was so surprised I just sat down on the bed staring. Daddy was going away on a snowboarding trip and I wasn't going to see him for few days, so I had to go tell him at work before he left. I called him and said I was coming up for lunch. We sat in the car while he ate and I thought, "In a perfect world, he would come home to dinner and have baby cornish hens, with baby carrots, and maybe some spaghetti with prego pasta sauce." Daddy's first question was "How do you know?". It made me laugh and as I talked to him, he just kept eating and putting food in his mouth so he didn't have to talk!

A few days later we went to go tell my mom and dad. Maggie already knew because I couldn't keep a secret. She cried in the middle of Pita Pit and swore up and down she wouldn't tell anyone. She helped me come up with idea on cute ways to surprise mom and dad but I was so nervous and excited! I just told them they better start thinking of what they want their grandbabies to call them. Both started to cry and gave us hugs. Patrick came home just a few minutes after we left and mom and dad told him.

The next day was Chuck's birthday and we went to dinner at Ya-ya and Papa's house. Daddy said he wanted to ask them about a 529 college savings plan to break the news but he kept getting nervous and not saying anything! I had to go to work soon so when daddy asked me to pass the cucumbers at dinner, I held them hostage. Joe blurted it out and I just giggled. Ya-ya reached over and patted my belly and Papa just kept saying my name over and over again. Jessie! Jessica! Oh my! Oh Jessica! Chuck said it was a pretty good birthday present but he hoped the baby was a boy because he only knows how to play with boys. I think he is lying! We tried facetiming with Valerie but the iPad kept freezing on their end, so I called her on my way to work. I told her I had bought a food processor (because that's how she told Yaya and Papa) and she knew what I meant! Val screamed and I could hear her jumping up and down and told Jace and Jack, who gave me big smiles. Later that week, I gave Tricia some wine coolers at dinner and told her I wouldn't be needing them for the next few months!

Two weeks later, I've been to the doctor's and have seen you on ultrasound. You are the size of a blueberry and have a fluttering heart beat and are making me very tired! I love you already and can't wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. Daddy think you're a girl and gives you kisses through my belly.