Monday, April 30, 2012

Old Wives' Predictions

The Carry
Low and front =Boy
High and wide =Girl
(So I've been told anyways. I'm widening rather than protruding)

Heart Rate
Under or in the 140's =Boy
Over 150 =Girl
(This one is tricky. We have heard the heart beat three times. Once was at 150, another at 156, and another at 144. Totally not helpful!)

Salty, Protein =Boy
Sweet, Carbs =Girl

Body/Facial Changes
Dry hands, cold feet, looking more beautiful while pregnant =Boy
Acne, beauty disappearing =Girl
(Again, I've been told my face is changing. Not sure how to take that...)

Dad's Weight
Gain =Girl
No Gain =Boy

Wedding Ring on Necklace
Circling =Boy
Back and forth =Girl

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart
Uses mother's age and month at conception =Boy

Smelly =Boy
Not smelly =Girl

Family Birth Order
Mother is first born, then her mother's second child's gender =Boy
But the Father is last born, and his mother's oldest child =Girl
(Not sure who wins this one but I'll guess me since I'm the mom, right?)

Aggression at Conception
The opposite gender of who initiated "that night" = ??
(Oh dear.)

Smile and happy =Boy

Super moody =Girl
(So I think, anyways!)

The opposite of the dream is true =Girl
(Oddly enough, I've only had one dream and it was a boy!)

Left side =Boy
Right side =Girl
(I always sleep on my right if I'm sleeping on a side at all)

Larger Breast
Right =Boy
Left =Girl
(TMI, sorry)

Morning Sickness
Not as much =Boy
Plenty =Girl
(I feel it certainly fell into the "way too often" category but who is to judge?)

Tally it Up (Not including Heart Rate even though I feel it is most important and the biggest determiner)
Boy = 7/12
Girl = 6/12

71% of mother's guess correctly

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Christ Alone

The value of this life I’ve lived
How did I love, did I forgive
Where did my treasure truly lay
How did I start and end each day

Don’t measure me by battles won
Or some good deed that I have done
By Christ alone will I be found
Worthy of that golden crown
Worthy of that golden crown

May be a pauper or a king
Have nothing or have everything
The question begs, do you belong
Do you sing a resurrection song

Measured by the Master’s hand
On only one truth can we stand
By Christ alone will we be found
Worthy of that golden crown

--Eden's Edge, their song "Christ Alone" dedicated to the students of Chardon High School can be viewed The song's video

Monday, April 16, 2012

March 2nd and 15th, 2011

Well, little burrito, we were supposed to hear your heart beat for the first time. I haven't been feeling so well so to top that off with all the nervousness of going to the doctor's...I was NOT in a pleasant mood. The doctor was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable but it took her a few seconds to find your little heart beating on the doppler. Now, I like to think I have pretty good ears, especially for little tiny hearts but I could not hear it like she did. Daddy said he did and tried to tap it out on my shoulder for me, but I think he was confused. The doctor kept running into my heart beat and having to find yours again! I was so sad, I knew you were safe inside of me but I didn't get to hear for myself! We were asked to come back in 2 weeks to try and hear it again. That time, your little heart was strong and loud! I heard it and it made my own heart beat with joy. Both times, the doctor calculated your heart beat around 150, and the second time, I did too. I wish I knew whether you are a boy or a girl! I want to think of you and talk about you and pray for you as a "she" or 'he". A few more weeks and then we'll know and be able to give you a name as well.