Thursday, September 26, 2013

Month 12 - 1 year old!

A year ago today, I was laboring and trying to finish the final Harry Potter book. It's gone by so quick and so much has happened. You've changed so much! And so have we! Just living day to day and trying to survive, sometimes I've lost track of time. And now you're already a year old! 
Walk more than you crawl
Can do laps around the condo chasing Zoey
Wear size 12 month clothes and sleepers
Consistently wake up once for a snuggle and a bottle in the middle of the night 
But I know you know how to and are capable of sleeping through the night!!
Down to one long nap during the day
Sometimes laugh and repeat me when I tell you No
Such a picky eater - some days it's only green beans, somedays cheerios, sometimes you want me to feed you and other days you will only eat if you can do it yourself
You're always throwing food on the floor though
You light up when you see YaYa
And I swear you say Dada every time the phone rings
Take a breakfast, nap, bedtime, and an occasional afternoon bottles only
Have six teeth, four uppers and two bottom teeth
Will occasionally hold your own bottle but prefer not to
Learning how to drink from sippy cup 
Spent your first birthday with Aunt Marge while momma and dada pack up the condo