Friday, December 27, 2013

15 months

I've been telling people the wrong age for a few weeks now. You are NOW 15 months old. 

Thanksgiving was a blast. 
Cousin Grace was in town and you two were so cute together! 
You shared your toys and rocking horse very nicely with her. 
Will find old TV and computer cables and drag them all through the house
Started to wean your nightly bottle because I was so sick of you peeing through your diaper and clothes. Every. Single. Morning. 
Down to only 5oz. 
Sleep really well and are quite flexible and very good at transferring to your bed. 
It makes life sooo much easier. Thank you. 
You sleep like a champ but will wake up at 630 on the dot pretty often and just need changed and snuggled back to bed. It's goofy and we can't seem to figure it out. 
The Babers are in town and you love following them and being in the middle of play time. 
Makes me think you'll be a great big brother. 
The boys really enjoy you too. 
Especially Jack and he will follow you around and imitate you! 
Apparently you were wild and had so much fun at the chick-fil-a play place! I'm sad I missed it. 
Christmas was a hoot and you got so many new toys! 
The favorite seems to be the frog from Tricia and the gears from aunt Elaine. 
Your eating is about the same but it's hard to work on it when we are always out and about with family and traveling around. 
Have 8 total teeth (4 up top and 4 on the bottom) but I can see a top molar coming through! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

14 months

Whoops! I'm behind! We went to the doctor a bit late too. Your 1 year check up was actually at 14 months. No worries. 

Weigh 20.2 lbs and 29.1inches
Apparently your height has slowed down and is of some concern. 
Probably because you only eat Cheerios. 
But you can now run through the house
And climb the ladder on your play set. 
A few days after the doctor's, you got quite sick. 
Hot, hot tamale fevers but daddy took care of you all day and let you sleep on him.
Then mama rocked you all night and the next day until you got better. 
Got your first haircut by Miss Lindsey and you look like such a little boy!
Every time the doorbell rang for Halloween trick or treaters, you ran to the door to say, "Hi!"
You mastered that word that night. 
Usually only take a bedtime bottle now.
Picked a pumpkin and went on a hayride at Pumpkin Pandemonium.
Finally worked on your sleeping capabilities. 
Daddy took the brunt of the load and since has been good! 
My baby sleeps!!!!!!!