Saturday, July 27, 2013

month ten

Double digits baby!

Weigh 18.4lbs and 28in tall
You're way too skinny (14%)!
It's because you're too busy to eat
Have to wear overnight diapers to bed because it's gross having sopping wet pajamas at 3am
The double diaper technique wasn't cutting it anymore
Spent your first July 4th with Grammy T sleeping while Mama and Dada went out
You could set a record in speed crawling when someone is chasing you
Prefer to stand
Already started to furniture walk and can make your way around the entire kitchen table and chairs
I'm just giving up on getting you to ever sleep through the night
Staycationed at Edgewater Beach, the Akron Zoo, and Beachwood Mall and had your first taste of ice cream
Getting to be so vocal and just love to make all kinds of noises
Got your first fat lip and bloody nose :(
Learning how to eat chunks of food instead of purees
LOVE puffs and cheerios
Think its funny to feed other people your cheerios
Clap your hands and bounce/wiggle to music
Drool like a waterfall again
Chew your hands like a snackpack
9 months 2 weeks and 2 days sleep through the night!!!!