Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Month 11

Two blissful weeks. That's it for sleeping through the night. You're back to waking up once for a 3am snuggle.
Seriously, I'm just giving up on it.
Opinionated. There are tears and screaming when you don't get your way.
And you've started to throw your body around or go limp when you don't want to be picked up or hindered from doing something. 
But boy, are you cute!
Your hair is still really light strawberry blonde-ish but it's getting longer and longer. You may need a trim soon! 
You are able to skip a bottle here or there if you get filled up on food. 
But you're a picky eater. You don't like anything chunky or that you have to pick up and eat unless it Cheerios. 
And still wont hold your own bottle or sippy cup. 
Can furniture walk really well and will stretch your arms out as far as you can to reach the next piece of furniture. 
You stood on your own once and waved to the next door neighbor. 
Love the new house and finding all sorts if trouble to get into. 
Got your first pair of robot shoes!
Babble and growl when you're playing. 
Carry around books from room to room and sit like you're reading them.
Occasionally will sleep through the night but not consistently. 
Have 5 teeth
One nap a day