Monday, January 20, 2014

16 months

Rang in the new year with you sleeping at ya and pa's again. 
Said goodbye to the Babers
And you were quite lonely that first week being just you and I again.
Think you went through a growth spurt because you are all the sudden in 18 month clothes and slept a lot one week. 
Table food eating habits still stink and I almost feel like they're regressed some too. 
Occasionally like spiral noodles and French fries
But mostly cheese and crackers and yogurt are your staples. 
Finally don't pee through your clothes every night and don't seem to mind less of a bottle either
Getting to be very whiny and will throw yourself on the floor when you don't get your way or for no reason at all sometimes. 
Still love those gears and the school bus. 
Can say a few words like Dada and cracker and ZoeZoe but you understand a whoooolle lot more. 
It's amazing! 
You're new favorite word is socks - I think it's the s sound you like.
You even tried to repeat me when I said shoot :/ eeks! 
And we got some big news that you got to share with the family!