Saturday, September 27, 2014

24 months - 2 years old!

(As of October 21 you are 25 lbs and 34.5 in)

Seem to have finally figured out how to sleep 11-12 hours at night
Finally moved up to size 4 diapers and 24 month clothes fit fairly well
Although I still have to get the adjustable waist jeans so I can make the waist tighter 
Talk and talk and talk non stop,
You must know hundreds of words and can string together 3 and sometimes 4 at a time! 
SUPER attached to Daddy, sometimes to the point of driving him nuts. You'll cry and scream if he goes to the bathroom without you and if Dada is home want nothing to do with Mama.
Still a picky, picky eater
Love to listen to music, dance, and can sing along.
Your favorite song is Relient K's cover of Baby by Justin Beiber (no joke). 
Went blueberry picking with Yaya and Mama but you weren't impressed even though blueberries are your favorite food. 
Went on two boat rides; a brunch cruise and on a pontoon to go fishing. 
During our Staycation of '14, we went to the Zoo (where you had a very embarrassing meltdown and tantrum) and helped get your brother's room ready. 
And now you have a one week old brother! 
Grandma and Maggie stayed with you while we were gone. 
Your first reaction to him was to point out all his different body parts. 
Love to give him hugs and kisses and are generally pretty sweet to him (us...not so much) 
For your birthday we had a very small family party at the last minute with pizza and donuts and your favorite gift was a toy power tool set. You love the drill and to carry your tools around just like daddy. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chivalry Ain't Dead Yet

To use what is uniquely masculine in a humble, serving, and protective way — that is the essence of chivalry. We become this expressly furious and impassioned about a man’s abuse of a woman because he has so shirked and abandoned his manly, chivalrous duty. That is what drives our response to this kind of thing, no matter how progressive we otherwise pretend to be.

Not everything is a competition. It’s just particularly and specially important that we instill in our men the commandment that he should never physically abuse a woman. We must plant in him a code of honor that propels him to defend the women in his life. 

Because no amount of liberal feminist brainwashing can ever really erase our instinctual and innate understanding that men are not women and women are not men. And whatever else that means, it certainly at least means that it is the man’s job to be the protector. So in the end it seems that chivalry is not quite dead, no matter how hard we try to kill it.

And thank God for that.

--Matt Walsh 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Comfort Religion

I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.

--C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prosperity Gospel

But nonsense is all that’s left when Christ is taken out of Christianity; when we preach a Word that doesn’t include words like sin, and duty, and obedience; when we adopt a Gospel that has no redemption, no forgiveness, no mercy, no justice; when we minimize prayer and virtue and truth; when we forget that ours is a faith for warriors and martyrs; when we pretend that Christ didn’t promise us suffering and persecution in this life; when we substitute true joy for mere happiness; when we treat the Bible like a theological box of Legos that can be deconstructed and reassembled into anything we want it to be. Ultimately, the Greatest Thing in the universe is turned into something as worthless, interchangeable, and disposable as an inspirational Facebook meme...

{They} distort Scripture and offer up a hollow, empty message, but he is adored because he does it with a smile, he doesn’t offend, and he gives off the general vibe of a man who probably chuckles at Family Circus cartoons. In other words, he is exactly what our society believes a Christian should be: nice, non-threatening, non-Biblical, and superficial...

But the true faith is one that rebels against our culture, challenges us to endure the hardships of life and the hatred of our peers, eviscerates our apathetic nature, interferes with our plans, commands us to confront our sins, and generally makes everyone very uncomfortable. It’s a dangerous, terrifying, beautiful, joyful, harrowing, redemptive thing. It’s real. A blazing wildfire that will consume and purify the entire world.

--Matt Walsh

What's in a name

It gives purpose to the original family member who holds the same name and inspires them to be a good role model to that child. For example: there is no one in the world I want my son to be like more than my husband and his father. Giving my future son his father’s name gives legacy to my son, honors my husband, and gives purpose to them both. 

-- Kid Nurse