Sunday, October 26, 2014

The first four weeks

At one month check up you weighed 9lbs 12oz and 22in long
I'm telling you, all that growing happened over one weekend too
Seem pretty content just about anywhere except the car seat
Sleep in the swing and bassinet and seem to sleep better when it's noisy
Nurse well with the use of a shield
Have one long stretch of sleep from 7pm to midnight most nights
Power Hour, as your daddy calls it, is from 5pm-7pm where you eat non stop
Have easily fallen into the family routine
Wear 0-3 month sleepers and size one diapers
Eyes are gray and hair is darker
Tried eating from a bottle and did well with Daddy and Yaya
Have actual tears when you cry (which breaks my heart!)
Turn all sorts of funny colors and get real red and sweaty when you're mad (like in the car seat)
Like to extend your neck and arch your back when being held but have really good head control
I swear you've smiled already
Seem to calm easier for Momma than anyone else
Like your brother, you don't seem to care for a pacifer
We had one or two nights where you only woke up once in 10 hours!

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Britt said...

He is precious Jessie!