Monday, November 17, 2014

John-john at one month old

11lbs and 23.25in
Dude, you're huge! 
(Update - Actually you're not huge. Doc says your only in 15% for weight! What?!? And here I thought you were a tank!)
You smile 
And love your mommy. 
You get pretty frustrated with bottles and awful crabby when I'm not home. 
Spent two Saturday's in a row with Dada and everyone survived! 
Will only nurse on the right side. 
Eat about 4oz in a bottle and I haven't need to supplement yet like I thought
Because I. Hate. Pumping. 
And you still hate the car seat. 
Pretty sure your eyes will be brown. 
And I'm pushing the use of a pacifer per the recommendation of my friends. 

Update #2 from the dr appt. I guess it's pretty obvious from this picture but you have torticollis. If we don't treat this you will have a misshapen head and might need a helmet to fix it. So far, the dr thinks we can treat at home but also recommends some PT if there's no improvement. This likely explains why you don't like to nurse on the left and don't like being in your car seat. So this means lots of tummy time, and stretching, and a consult to Dr. Ashley. 

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