Thursday, March 27, 2014

1.5 years

Your life is no longer counted in months. You're now a year and a half old. Crazy! 
My life reverted back to weeks though. 
You never cease to crack me up. 
Yesterday you brought me wipes and then laid down on the ground. I wasn't sure if I should feel proud because you're so smart or guilty for not knowing you needed changed! 
This morning you dumped a laundry basket, tipped it over to crawl up on the couch, turned on the tv and behold, Sesame Street was on! I brought you some milk and Cheerios and you were swaying to the music while shoving Cheerios in your mouth. 
You put the camera tripod on your head and insisted on walking around like that for an hour. 
You're newest obsession is playing with my pots and pans. They wind up all over the house. You found the rolling pin too and use it as a bat and a cane. 
Nothing's safe from your reach. You can reach the couch, the kitchen table, the office desk and parts of the countertops. 
You finally got all your molars after a couple rough days and nights.
Now it seems as if your getting all four canine/ incisors at the same time. Ouch. 
We really need to get rid of that night time bottle but I think I'll miss it more than you will. It's the only time you're still and snuggley. 
But you only got five months because I will not have two babies with bottles! 
We also have to work on not hitting before the baby comes too :/