Friday, June 13, 2014


So I'm on Facebook and I realize that two of my friends from different areas and times in my life both had babies born today and then died today. What are the odds? What's up with June 13? 

Happy second heaven birthday A and C! Celebrate with Jesus and give comfort to your earthly parents today. I pray through your birth and death they may come to have a relationship with Jesus and know Him. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

20 months

Your new favorite way to eat is with utensils. 
You can do yogurt and milk and cereal all by yourself and are willing to try new things if I give you a fork. 
All the baby bottles are gone! I haven't put them away yet though...
Shared an entire waffle cone of Honey Hut with dada and got your own baby cone at Handels, both of which you throughly enjoyed! 
LOVE being outside and are constantly bringing me your shoes and say, "Outside?"
You're such a ham and will say Cheese and pose anytime the camera comes out. 
Said Mama and actually meant it for me and were calling to me for the first time at Five Guys. It sounds more like Nanna than mama though. It melts my heart every time you say it. 
Your knees are constantly scraped up and bruised; you look like such a little boy all scabbed up. 
All boo boos must be kissed better. 
Know so many words and can understand just about everything we say and ask and will communicate your wants (for the most part). 
We found out you'll have a little brother soon and if I ask you will kiss my belly but we are still working on being gentle. It's pretty cute when you rock Monkey and cover him up with your blankie. 
Speaking of which, you still carry a blanket around like a little Linus and need one to go to bed. I'm worried about how you'll share blankies with a new baby.