Saturday, December 19, 2015

15 months old

"The days are long but the years are short" pretty much sums up my feelings on you, little man. 
I think of you as a tiny infant and not as my second toddler. 
You love to throw things.
And are a carb and chicken -aholic
Very still very much a mommas boy and don't like to be out of my sight or out of my arms. 
But have quite a flexible attitude for me. 
I can say "Go night-night John" and you know it's time to go to bed. You're easy-peasy like that. A song and a minute of rocking and you're done. Thank goodness for an easy bedtime. 
Saw Santa and cried (what did I expect?) 
Love to help and be a big boy like your brother. 
You're an excellent pouter and know exactly how to stick that lip out. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

14 months old

Attitude. And drama. 
You have a lot of it. 
Screech, cry, pout, you'll do it all to get your way. 
Working on no more ba-ba's, but you know what you want and will ask for them. 
Walk pretty much all the time now but are still very accident prone and topple over quite easily. 
Thanksgiving was fun but all you are was buttered bread and crackers. 
Did not like seeing Santa. 
Such a mamas boy and have lots of stranger anxiety. 
Will lean in to give kisses. 
Know where your belly is and will put your finger in anyone's unsuspecting belly button. 
Love apples and would eat an entire one if I let you. 
Worry that someone is going to take all the food so you shovel it in and choke. 
You're tongue is constantly hanging all the way out of your mouth. 
Always want your brother's blankie and not your own. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

13 months old

Finally took your first steps! 
But still crawl more than walk for now. 
That poor little noggin sure takes a beating for all the learning and balancing you're doing though. 
Faked me out and are still taking two solid naps a day 
And are beginning to sleep through the night again. 
You bite. Often. 
So we dressed you as a shark/piranha fish for Halloween. 
Dada was supposed to be the fisherman that caught you. 
Able to climb up on just about anything and will nose dive off the futon on purpose. 
Love to scream and shake your arms to get attention or food. 
You'd think you're a bottomless pit sometimes. 
You'd eat all day if I let you. 
They only way to guarantee you won't bite is to put a paso or food in your mouth! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

12 months old - ONE year old!

What a month, John-boy. 
On your actual birthday we were standing in the kitchen when you proceed to barf all over me and thus started a 6 day long adventure in vomit, diarrhea, an ER visit and getting admitted to the hospital. 
And then a week later you caught a fever and rash your brother so kindly shared with you. 
And then you got three new teeth. 
Exhausting is an understatement. 
All of this has traumatized you to anyone who wears a stethoscope and has made you cling even more so to me. 
We've had a whole lot of cuddling going on this month. 
This was the only time I ever missed and regretted not being able to nurse you. 
Had to postpone the birthday party and then you were sick anyways and didn't get to celebrate at all; you wouldn't even eat the cake and slept through most of it. 
But you finally got that fourth tooth on the bottom to even you out! 
Your One Year stats: 20.5 lbs and I honestly don't know how tall (sorry bud). But you're about 50% for everything. 
SO CLOSE to walking but not quite yet and boy does it frustrate you! 
Speaking of which, you have quite an attitude and flair for the dramatic; talk about some temper tantrums! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The past 11 months

Will babble Ma-ma-ma-ma to cry for me or to get me attention. The mamas get real long and drawn out when you're tired. 
If I catch you doing something silly and laugh at you, you will continue doing that same thing until you physically can't anymore! 
You're questioning the need for two naps a day
And aren't back to sleeping through the night. 
Have done really well riding in the trailer (except for once) 
Really know how to throw and fit and cry when something doesn't go your way but
Love to play with your brother 
Or climb over your dad on the floor 
And feed the dog from your high chair. 
I Wonder when you'll get some hair?! 
I'm really sad you're about to turn one :( where did my baby go? 
Back to a happy stage of development and are such a "happy baby" now

Monday, August 31, 2015

Three years old

At three years old: 
Yikes, the terrible twos are a real thing. 
You can be very aggressive and mean at times but also love to snuggle and can be very sweet and giving. 
You're a parrot and repeat everything. Going through the drive-thru is a lesson in concentration! 
Are VERY slow to wake up just like your momma
The big boy bed has been no big deal and I can't wait for you and your brother to share a room one day. 
Would prefer not to ride in the stroller but walk instead
Really mastered your balance bike and can go for a mile or two 
Love swimming and don't mind going under or getting wet but are not a fan of the giant splash buckets. You had a blast at GWL. 
Started violin lessons with Gabe.
Can count to (approx, give a take a missing number) 10, know yours and all of our full names and what street we live on. 
Even call me Mama Jessie sometimes when you want to be silly. 
Need 3t pants for length but they're so baggy everywhere else (an adjustable waistband is a must!) and usually wear 3t shirts. Still wear size 4 diapers and a 7.5 shoe. 
Can put your sandals or crocs on yourself, AMEN! 
Favorite toy is anything with wheels like matchbox cars, monster trucks, and trains. 
Have "Adventures with Gram" on Wednesdays and ride in her car and go to the library, the park, "Chick-a-lay"
Potty training is going really well! You took to peeing on the potty great but pooping, not so much. 
Will pray (and often remind us) before dinner and thank Jesus for everyone at the table. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

10 months old

Can pull up to stand on just about everything
Get very frustrated when you can't do something or can't keep up 
Took you back to PT because you weren't crawling on all fours yet, and you promptly learned how to crawl on all fours! 
Love to babble and make noises and raspberries 
Can call out Da-da, ba-ba, and even Ma-Ma if you want something! 
Ever since we got back from GWL, you haven't been sleeping very well and went through a stage where you wouldn't take a bottle. 
I think you'll have a silly and light-hearted personality. You love to be silly and make me laugh. 
Can wave hello and goodbye 
Love, love, love to get my phone and Joeys sippy cup. 
Got another bottom tooth
Being the second child and youngest had worked out for you and you've gotten sweets much earlier than your brother ever did! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nine months old

At your nine month well check you were 18lbs 10oz and 28.5inches tall. They said you have a big head too! 
Not crawling yet but will stay on all fours and can translation to sitting 
Have a blast swimming in Gram's pool or our baby one 
Hate being still long enough to get your diaper changed 
Bit me while nursing and I yelped and you won't nurse any more :( Guess that's the end of that
A Very effective army crawl can get you all the way across the house and 
Think you're hot stuff too!
Have blisters and calluses on your toes from the way you crawl
Mostly sleep through the night - will wake up just befor dawn and take a bottle and go back to bed 
Learned how to pull up in your crib and had to lower it right away
Had lots of fun at Great Wolf Lodge and love to swim! 
Can point, clap, dance, and raise your hands up to sign All Done! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's not about feelings

Do what makes you holy, no matter how you feel. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eight Months Old

Got tired of sleeping through the night and started switching it up by waking up all the time. 
Wear 12 month clothes 
Can clap your hands 
Love swimming and playing anything water related 
Got top two teeth 
Cut down to nursing only 3 times a day and added in some formula bottles. 
And you don't mind at all 
Will eat anything and everything out in front of you
Like riding in the bike trailer 
Met your California cousins 
army crawl and roll to get where you want
Can solidly sit up but will just purposefully face plant to go from sitting up to laying on the floor
Got your first ear infection and course of antibiotics - you were so sad! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Seven months

Slept 10 hours one night!
And have consistently slept 8-10 every night! 
Generally wake up happy and smiling 
LOVE food and will screech if I can't shovel it in fast enough
Will eat or attempt to eat anything I put in front of you
Able to climb/fall/lean out of the bumbo - which is a sad day
But you can sit up on your own now
First bike ride in the trailer went well 
Still nurse 5-6 times a day and once in the middle of the night but sleep through the night 3 or 4 times a week too!!
Still in 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers
Rolling, squirming machine! So close to crawling! 
Can sit up in a shopping cart
Hate being left alone even if I'm just throwing a diaper away. 
Must have visual contact with me at. all. times. 
Can sit up in the bathtub with some assistance 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good mothering

Be brave and courageous and tell us your struggles. We will always listen to your courage. And we will love you through anything. Love does not always agree or affirm someone — but it is always sacrifices for someone.  

This is what good mothering, what good parenting does: We don’t say,  “Do whatever you want, just be you.” We say, “Become whatever is the best version of you — just be like Him.”  We will lay down and sacrifice and serve you with our lives — so that you can have the best kind of life. 

This is the expansive embrace of Christianity: There is always first no condemnation — followed always by a movement into transformation.

--Ann Voskamp, 4/30/15

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two and a half

At two and a half years old: 

Weigh about 28lbs according to the home scale
Wear 2t (adjustable waist) pants and mostly 2t shirts and size 4 diapers and a size 7 shoe. 
Can pee on the potty before a bath or shower and can tell me when you have a dirty diaper
Speak in complete sentence and can verbalize what you want ... Mostly 
Will eat whatever is put in front of you with some bribery
Like facing forward in the car and can point out all the trucks, school buses, fire trucks, and diggers
Christmas was a lot of fun this year with cousins. And you continue to ask for them to come play. 
Moved to a bed in March without issue
Go to Home Depot and Lowes kid workshops with dada 
Still obsessed with Daddy
Like to help whether it's with the laundry, getting a diaper for John, making waffles, or washing yourself up in the shower. 
Sit in a booster at the dinner table now. 
Becoming quite the little man with an attitude and have a definite opinion and personality. You know how to make us smile or mad

Saturday, April 11, 2015

More on Marriage

It’s called effort. It’s called selflessness. It’s called not everything is about your damned feelings. Sometimes you have a job to do. A duty. A responsibility to your wife, to your kids, and to God (incidentally, this was yet another secular marriage sermon that completely puts aside the spiritual component, which already makes it effectively useless).

“Love, and do what you will,” as the great Saint Augustine said. “If you keep silent, do it with love. If you cry out, do it with love.”

One imagines if he were around today, he might add, “if you text message, do it with love. If you use Pintrest, do it with love. 

Love is a choice. Love is always a choice. Love is an act. Love is a promise. Love is fulfillment. If social media gets in the way of love, cut it off, like Christ commanded. But if it doesn’t — if you can keep these things in perspective and in balance and still love your spouse — then so be it.

-- Matt Walsh blog, 4/10/15

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Power and Love

More than once I have heard God say that power belongs to him and that his love is constant. (Psalm 62:11-12 GNT)

All powerful and all loving. All at the same time. 


"We can do more the kingdom of God together than we can apart" - our marriage motto 

3 Reasons for Marriage

To reflect the image of God and be more like Him
Genesis 1:26 - God created man in his image and said it was no good for him to be alone so he created Eve, a helper and companion to Adam 
Ephesians 5:22-31 - to make us more like Christ and show us a picture of the church 

To reproduce 
Genesis 1:28 - be fruitful and increase in number 
Psalm 127:3 - children are a blessing 

To reign and subdue the earth 
Genesis 1:28 - to fill the earth and subdue it. To be good stewards of our resources and battle for the kingdom of God together 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Six months old

At your 6 month well check you were 15lbs 12.6oz and 27in
Wear 9 month clothes 
Will lay on your tummy and squirm and worm and roll to try and get a toy
PT says your neck is better (not great but better) but your trunk muscles have compensated and we need to work on those to prevent scoliosis 
First tooth poked through the gums! 
And second too!!
Take consistent naps 
Like to be rocked to sleep
Can throw your paci across the room (there must be hundreds of them under the crib) 
Did well with pears, squash, and green beans. Tried toast and baby rice cakes. 
Love any food you can hold or feed yourself. You'll even snub your nose at a spoonful of goop in order to get a cracker or puff. This baby-led weaning thing might be for you. 
Spent 24 hours with Granma and Joey while mama and dada had some time alone - and her arms were tired! You're a mamas boy! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Five months old

March has been a rough month
You, your brother and I got croup
Then the stomach bug
So our good sleeping and eating routine went out the window. 
You are capable of rolling onto your tummy, just choose not to
Had the first break in weather and got outside for some walks
Tried applesauce for the first time and did NOT like it
Had a fun St Patrick's day with Granma Nancy, Papa John, Granma, and Maggie 
Eczema got much better there for a week but then flared up again. Poor kid, you're so itchy and dry no matter what! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New day

Lord, we thank You that tomorrow is a new day. We ask that You would meet us in the morning with fresh strength and power so that we can make the most of each opportunity You place in our paths. Amen

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A loss of innocence

My son disappointed me today, the first of many times, I'm sure. I felt like a failure. I was embarrassed. And I barely made it out without crying and losing my composure. Fortunately, the God of grace loves my boy even more than I do. 
I'm not called to be a perfect parent and I can't expect perfection from my children. 

I read this and it spoke to me about today's incident: 

"I need only know that Jesus is bigger than any mistakes and His love covers all sins. And then give that gift of freedom to my kids." 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Four months old

14lbs 6.4oz and 26.2in - Spot on with your brother at this age
Left you on your back on the floor, came back and found you on your belly. Not sure if you did it or if Joey rolled you, which is a very real possibility.
Able to roll off your belly. 
Moving you into your crib in your room was the best decision ever. You and I both sleep so much better! 
But you're still up 1-2 times a night. 
You seem to have two personalities: as happy as a clam with a smile and laugh that lights a room OR as pissed and angry as can be with crying and tears and screaming. There's really no inbetween. 
Your nap/feed schedule is a little more discernible but still needs work. 

Things heard in my living room

"Oh no, JoJo's crowd surfing balls down! That's never a good idea." - 09/12/14

Learned something today, don't shower with Joey before his morning poop. You will regret it. 

"Please don't vacuum your brother!" -Constantly 

"Get. Your. Yogurt. Out. Of. Your. Ears." -10/6/14

"Please get your cheerios out from in between your toes." Heard on 2/12/15

"Don't worry mama, I saw you gently. Just toes only," said Joey, while running his toy circular saw up and down my leg on 03/02/15

"Don't drive on your brother." -heard constantly

"Why are you licking him?!" -Heard on 4/8/15

"You're diaper is so soggy, I bet I'll find wrinkles on your doop"  -4/25/15

"Are you teaching them fart humor already?!" "I've been trying for 2.5 years already!" -6/14/15

"You may NOT have any of my caramel macchiato! Now get your fingers out!"  -06/18/15

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Three months old

Somewhere in the vicinity of 13lbs and 11oz 
Wear 6 month clothes and sleepers and can't keep socks on to save my life. 
Christmas and New Years with the cousins went well and you slept the night away on Yaya's bed. 
Able to get rid of the shield for good one day when I forgot it at home. 
Decided to go on a 3 day nursing strike and drive me crazy trying to nurse you, and then pump and feed. 
Got your first bottle of formula because you were stressing me out, kid. But we're back to nursing now! 
Still don't have a day time schedule yet and like to take 20 minute cat naps all the time. 
The torticollis has not gotten better and we're doing once a week PT and daily exercises and stretches. 
Able to roll up on one side but not all the way over yet.
Sleep in the pack and play and still in our room. 
The four month sleep regression hit hard. 
Love to squeal and hear your own voice. 
Don't like to nurse to sleep but would rather be rocked and shushed and bounced. 
Able to hold your head up really well and use your abs of steel to pull yourself to try and sit up. 
Seem to be getting more crabby and fussy as you get older :/