Sunday, January 18, 2015

Three months old

Somewhere in the vicinity of 13lbs and 11oz 
Wear 6 month clothes and sleepers and can't keep socks on to save my life. 
Christmas and New Years with the cousins went well and you slept the night away on Yaya's bed. 
Able to get rid of the shield for good one day when I forgot it at home. 
Decided to go on a 3 day nursing strike and drive me crazy trying to nurse you, and then pump and feed. 
Got your first bottle of formula because you were stressing me out, kid. But we're back to nursing now! 
Still don't have a day time schedule yet and like to take 20 minute cat naps all the time. 
The torticollis has not gotten better and we're doing once a week PT and daily exercises and stretches. 
Able to roll up on one side but not all the way over yet.
Sleep in the pack and play and still in our room. 
The four month sleep regression hit hard. 
Love to squeal and hear your own voice. 
Don't like to nurse to sleep but would rather be rocked and shushed and bounced. 
Able to hold your head up really well and use your abs of steel to pull yourself to try and sit up. 
Seem to be getting more crabby and fussy as you get older :/ 

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