Thursday, February 12, 2015

Four months old

14lbs 6.4oz and 26.2in - Spot on with your brother at this age
Left you on your back on the floor, came back and found you on your belly. Not sure if you did it or if Joey rolled you, which is a very real possibility.
Able to roll off your belly. 
Moving you into your crib in your room was the best decision ever. You and I both sleep so much better! 
But you're still up 1-2 times a night. 
You seem to have two personalities: as happy as a clam with a smile and laugh that lights a room OR as pissed and angry as can be with crying and tears and screaming. There's really no inbetween. 
Your nap/feed schedule is a little more discernible but still needs work. 

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