Thursday, February 12, 2015

Things heard in my living room

"Oh no, JoJo's crowd surfing balls down! That's never a good idea." - 09/12/14

Learned something today, don't shower with Joey before his morning poop. You will regret it. 

"Please don't vacuum your brother!" -Constantly 

"Get. Your. Yogurt. Out. Of. Your. Ears." -10/6/14

"Please get your cheerios out from in between your toes." Heard on 2/12/15

"Don't worry mama, I saw you gently. Just toes only," said Joey, while running his toy circular saw up and down my leg on 03/02/15

"Don't drive on your brother." -heard constantly

"Why are you licking him?!" -Heard on 4/8/15

"You're diaper is so soggy, I bet I'll find wrinkles on your doop"  -4/25/15

"Are you teaching them fart humor already?!" "I've been trying for 2.5 years already!" -6/14/15

"You may NOT have any of my caramel macchiato! Now get your fingers out!"  -06/18/15

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