Monday, March 30, 2015

Six months old

At your 6 month well check you were 15lbs 12.6oz and 27in
Wear 9 month clothes 
Will lay on your tummy and squirm and worm and roll to try and get a toy
PT says your neck is better (not great but better) but your trunk muscles have compensated and we need to work on those to prevent scoliosis 
First tooth poked through the gums! 
And second too!!
Take consistent naps 
Like to be rocked to sleep
Can throw your paci across the room (there must be hundreds of them under the crib) 
Did well with pears, squash, and green beans. Tried toast and baby rice cakes. 
Love any food you can hold or feed yourself. You'll even snub your nose at a spoonful of goop in order to get a cracker or puff. This baby-led weaning thing might be for you. 
Spent 24 hours with Granma and Joey while mama and dada had some time alone - and her arms were tired! You're a mamas boy! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Five months old

March has been a rough month
You, your brother and I got croup
Then the stomach bug
So our good sleeping and eating routine went out the window. 
You are capable of rolling onto your tummy, just choose not to
Had the first break in weather and got outside for some walks
Tried applesauce for the first time and did NOT like it
Had a fun St Patrick's day with Granma Nancy, Papa John, Granma, and Maggie 
Eczema got much better there for a week but then flared up again. Poor kid, you're so itchy and dry no matter what! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New day

Lord, we thank You that tomorrow is a new day. We ask that You would meet us in the morning with fresh strength and power so that we can make the most of each opportunity You place in our paths. Amen