Saturday, April 11, 2015

More on Marriage

It’s called effort. It’s called selflessness. It’s called not everything is about your damned feelings. Sometimes you have a job to do. A duty. A responsibility to your wife, to your kids, and to God (incidentally, this was yet another secular marriage sermon that completely puts aside the spiritual component, which already makes it effectively useless).

“Love, and do what you will,” as the great Saint Augustine said. “If you keep silent, do it with love. If you cry out, do it with love.”

One imagines if he were around today, he might add, “if you text message, do it with love. If you use Pintrest, do it with love. 

Love is a choice. Love is always a choice. Love is an act. Love is a promise. Love is fulfillment. If social media gets in the way of love, cut it off, like Christ commanded. But if it doesn’t — if you can keep these things in perspective and in balance and still love your spouse — then so be it.

-- Matt Walsh blog, 4/10/15

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