Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two and a half

At two and a half years old: 

Weigh about 28lbs according to the home scale
Wear 2t (adjustable waist) pants and mostly 2t shirts and size 4 diapers and a size 7 shoe. 
Can pee on the potty before a bath or shower and can tell me when you have a dirty diaper
Speak in complete sentence and can verbalize what you want ... Mostly 
Will eat whatever is put in front of you with some bribery
Like facing forward in the car and can point out all the trucks, school buses, fire trucks, and diggers
Christmas was a lot of fun this year with cousins. And you continue to ask for them to come play. 
Moved to a bed in March without issue
Go to Home Depot and Lowes kid workshops with dada 
Still obsessed with Daddy
Like to help whether it's with the laundry, getting a diaper for John, making waffles, or washing yourself up in the shower. 
Sit in a booster at the dinner table now. 
Becoming quite the little man with an attitude and have a definite opinion and personality. You know how to make us smile or mad

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