Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nine months old

At your nine month well check you were 18lbs 10oz and 28.5inches tall. They said you have a big head too! 
Not crawling yet but will stay on all fours and can translation to sitting 
Have a blast swimming in Gram's pool or our baby one 
Hate being still long enough to get your diaper changed 
Bit me while nursing and I yelped and you won't nurse any more :( Guess that's the end of that
A Very effective army crawl can get you all the way across the house and 
Think you're hot stuff too!
Have blisters and calluses on your toes from the way you crawl
Mostly sleep through the night - will wake up just befor dawn and take a bottle and go back to bed 
Learned how to pull up in your crib and had to lower it right away
Had lots of fun at Great Wolf Lodge and love to swim! 
Can point, clap, dance, and raise your hands up to sign All Done! 

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