Monday, July 27, 2015

10 months old

Can pull up to stand on just about everything
Get very frustrated when you can't do something or can't keep up 
Took you back to PT because you weren't crawling on all fours yet, and you promptly learned how to crawl on all fours! 
Love to babble and make noises and raspberries 
Can call out Da-da, ba-ba, and even Ma-Ma if you want something! 
Ever since we got back from GWL, you haven't been sleeping very well and went through a stage where you wouldn't take a bottle. 
I think you'll have a silly and light-hearted personality. You love to be silly and make me laugh. 
Can wave hello and goodbye 
Love, love, love to get my phone and Joeys sippy cup. 
Got another bottom tooth
Being the second child and youngest had worked out for you and you've gotten sweets much earlier than your brother ever did! 

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