Monday, August 31, 2015

Three years old

At three years old: 
Yikes, the terrible twos are a real thing. 
You can be very aggressive and mean at times but also love to snuggle and can be very sweet and giving. 
You're a parrot and repeat everything. Going through the drive-thru is a lesson in concentration! 
Are VERY slow to wake up just like your momma
The big boy bed has been no big deal and I can't wait for you and your brother to share a room one day. 
Would prefer not to ride in the stroller but walk instead
Really mastered your balance bike and can go for a mile or two 
Love swimming and don't mind going under or getting wet but are not a fan of the giant splash buckets. You had a blast at GWL. 
Started violin lessons with Gabe.
Can count to (approx, give a take a missing number) 10, know yours and all of our full names and what street we live on. 
Even call me Mama Jessie sometimes when you want to be silly. 
Need 3t pants for length but they're so baggy everywhere else (an adjustable waistband is a must!) and usually wear 3t shirts. Still wear size 4 diapers and a 7.5 shoe. 
Can put your sandals or crocs on yourself, AMEN! 
Favorite toy is anything with wheels like matchbox cars, monster trucks, and trains. 
Have "Adventures with Gram" on Wednesdays and ride in her car and go to the library, the park, "Chick-a-lay"
Potty training is going really well! You took to peeing on the potty great but pooping, not so much. 
Will pray (and often remind us) before dinner and thank Jesus for everyone at the table. 

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