Sunday, September 6, 2015

The past 11 months

Will babble Ma-ma-ma-ma to cry for me or to get me attention. The mamas get real long and drawn out when you're tired. 
If I catch you doing something silly and laugh at you, you will continue doing that same thing until you physically can't anymore! 
You're questioning the need for two naps a day
And aren't back to sleeping through the night. 
Have done really well riding in the trailer (except for once) 
Really know how to throw and fit and cry when something doesn't go your way but
Love to play with your brother 
Or climb over your dad on the floor 
And feed the dog from your high chair. 
I Wonder when you'll get some hair?! 
I'm really sad you're about to turn one :( where did my baby go? 
Back to a happy stage of development and are such a "happy baby" now

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