Tuesday, October 6, 2015

12 months old - ONE year old!

What a month, John-boy. 
On your actual birthday we were standing in the kitchen when you proceed to barf all over me and thus started a 6 day long adventure in vomit, diarrhea, an ER visit and getting admitted to the hospital. 
And then a week later you caught a fever and rash your brother so kindly shared with you. 
And then you got three new teeth. 
Exhausting is an understatement. 
All of this has traumatized you to anyone who wears a stethoscope and has made you cling even more so to me. 
We've had a whole lot of cuddling going on this month. 
This was the only time I ever missed and regretted not being able to nurse you. 
Had to postpone the birthday party and then you were sick anyways and didn't get to celebrate at all; you wouldn't even eat the cake and slept through most of it. 
But you finally got that fourth tooth on the bottom to even you out! 
Your One Year stats: 20.5 lbs and I honestly don't know how tall (sorry bud). But you're about 50% for everything. 
SO CLOSE to walking but not quite yet and boy does it frustrate you! 
Speaking of which, you have quite an attitude and flair for the dramatic; talk about some temper tantrums! 

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