Friday, November 13, 2015

13 months old

Finally took your first steps! 
But still crawl more than walk for now. 
That poor little noggin sure takes a beating for all the learning and balancing you're doing though. 
Faked me out and are still taking two solid naps a day 
And are beginning to sleep through the night again. 
You bite. Often. 
So we dressed you as a shark/piranha fish for Halloween. 
Dada was supposed to be the fisherman that caught you. 
Able to climb up on just about anything and will nose dive off the futon on purpose. 
Love to scream and shake your arms to get attention or food. 
You'd think you're a bottomless pit sometimes. 
You'd eat all day if I let you. 
They only way to guarantee you won't bite is to put a paso or food in your mouth! 

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