Thursday, February 26, 2015

A loss of innocence

My son disappointed me today, the first of many times, I'm sure. I felt like a failure. I was embarrassed. And I barely made it out without crying and losing my composure. Fortunately, the God of grace loves my boy even more than I do. 
I'm not called to be a perfect parent and I can't expect perfection from my children. 

I read this and it spoke to me about today's incident: 

"I need only know that Jesus is bigger than any mistakes and His love covers all sins. And then give that gift of freedom to my kids." 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Four months old

14lbs 6.4oz and 26.2in - Spot on with your brother at this age
Left you on your back on the floor, came back and found you on your belly. Not sure if you did it or if Joey rolled you, which is a very real possibility.
Able to roll off your belly. 
Moving you into your crib in your room was the best decision ever. You and I both sleep so much better! 
But you're still up 1-2 times a night. 
You seem to have two personalities: as happy as a clam with a smile and laugh that lights a room OR as pissed and angry as can be with crying and tears and screaming. There's really no inbetween. 
Your nap/feed schedule is a little more discernible but still needs work. 

Things heard in my living room

"Oh no, JoJo's crowd surfing balls down! That's never a good idea." - 09/12/14

Learned something today, don't shower with Joey before his morning poop. You will regret it. 

"Please don't vacuum your brother!" -Constantly 

"Get. Your. Yogurt. Out. Of. Your. Ears." -10/6/14

"Please get your cheerios out from in between your toes." Heard on 2/12/15

"Don't worry mama, I saw you gently. Just toes only," said Joey, while running his toy circular saw up and down my leg on 03/02/15

"Don't drive on your brother." -heard constantly

"Why are you licking him?!" -Heard on 4/8/15

"You're diaper is so soggy, I bet I'll find wrinkles on your doop"  -4/25/15

"Are you teaching them fart humor already?!" "I've been trying for 2.5 years already!" -6/14/15

"You may NOT have any of my caramel macchiato! Now get your fingers out!"  -06/18/15