Monday, February 15, 2016

17 months

23lbs 13oz, 2ft 8in, and 19in head at your well check this past month. 
All spot on average except for your 85% head circumference. 
Say a handful of words, mostly names
Call Joey "bruh-ba" and ask for him all the time 
Love to be outside with a ball
Favorite toy is a ball and love to throw anything, which is quite painful at times 
Get really fiesty and don't like to share your snacks
Will nod your head Yes and No but don't say the actual words. 
Pretty much down to one nap a day but struggle at times
Have all your teeth, including your I teeth and molars
Become a bit more picky with your food and will turn down things that were your favorite. 
Those eyebrows though! 

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