Thursday, April 21, 2016

18 months

Wear 24 month clothes with some 2t shirts thrown in there. 
Size 4 diapers and a size 6 shoe
Know lots of words and but will only repeat me if I ask and convince you into it. 
Can give real answers to help make your wants and needs understood. 
You seem to function the best when you take a cat nap in the car during the morning errands and then a longer nap in the afternoon which works out well for having you and your brother sleep at the same time. 
We're working on keeping the paci for bedtimes and times of comfort only. 
Joey likes to crawl into the crib with you in the mornings and you guys play. It's sweet ... until it gets too rough. 
Your hair has these big soft curls. It's so fun to play with them when you snuggle me. 
Love to play with your "bruh-ba" and will ask for him when he's at school or bang on his door when he's napping. 
Your food preferences change on a daily basis. It's hard to keep up.
Still love goop though and will ask for it by name. 
Love your junk food and sweets though!

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