Thursday, April 21, 2016

3.5 years old

Weigh approximately 32lbs. 
Wear 3t pants or shorts and 4t shirts. 
I feel like you've had two growth spurts, one near Christmas and one more recently in February or March. 
Potty training has been stupendous! Going number two, took some work (I threatened to throw away your favorite pair of superman undies if you pooped in them again, and it worked!) but you figured it out and have very few accidents. 
Still need size 6 diapers at night and wear "pull em ups" occasionally during nap time. 
A nap is still a must everyday. Even if it's 20 min in the car. 
Love to snuggle in our bed in the mornings. 
Wear size 9.5 shoes and can put them on yourself (hallelujah!). 
Got a bike with training wheels but we hope to have those off soon. 
Started preschool at Stow Alliance with Gabe and have done well adjusting and seem to like going two mornings a week. 
Went on your first airplane ride to Colorado. You sat next to Chuck and played iPad and ate candy the whole time. No big deal! 
You're a big helper and are always willing to give a hand emptying the dishwasher or helping with laundry. 
Favorites foods are cheese roll ups from Taco Bell, chicken nuggets, blueberries, cheese, and pizza. If someone asks what your favorites foods are you say "chicken and rice". Just like your daddy! 

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