Saturday, June 4, 2016

20 months

Do not like to share. 
Temper tantrums galore! 
Enjoy the attention you get from screeching at the top of your lungs anywhere, anytime, for any reason! 
Got your first haircut! 
Love to ride in the tractor with Joey. You've learned to hang on tight with his driving! 
Love the water whether it's in the tub, shower, kiddie pool, or at the Lodge. 
Got a double ear infection while daddy and I were away. 
Moved your car seat forward-facing and you were quite scared the first few rides but now you get a giant kick out of being able to see around and interact with the whole car. 
Peekaboo Barn and Snapchat are your favorite things to play on my phone. 
Can climb up the swing set ladder but need a spotter in case. 

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