Monday, August 8, 2016

22 Months

Throwing objects (specifically at your brother) is still a giant problem you have. 
Seem to be a little bit delayed with your speech compared to your brother at this age and other kids we know. But you have more words this month than you did last month, so that's progress! 
My favorite words are granola, airplane, and yea. You don't say no though! 
Really enjoyed your time spent with cousins and Jack really took special interest in you. 
Got your own puddle jumper and you can swim with the big kids now! 
You're a fish and LOVE the water! 
Know how to whine to get attention or what you want or to get your brother in trouble. 
Loved watching fireworks and don't mind staying up late for them. 
You're very polite and say thank you and bless you without prompting but struggle with please. 
And your sharing capability is quite improved!! 


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