Thursday, September 22, 2016


34lbs and 39.5in tall
The daily nap is becoming questionable (sigh...)
Wear size 4 pants and shirts and size 10.5 shoes. 
Just learned how to ride without training wheels and have become a master rider! 
Such a talker! You're never quiet. 
Started playing Micro Soccer for the Funky Chickens and it took some warming up. You were not a fan at first. We can see you love to run around the field and not necessarily follow the ball. You even scored a goal once!

What's your name? Joey. Joey Ambrose. 
How old are you? Three, this many. 
When is your birthday? September 24 
How old is mommy? 5 50
What is your favorite color? Blue and black 
What is your favorite food? Chicken and noodles and green beans
Who is your best friend? Dommo and Leo and papa and daddy and chuck. Grandma. And papa mike too. And Jace and jack. 
What is your favorite movie? Baymax (Big Hero Six) and Robots. 
What is your favorite song? I like to listen to polka and baymax and the Wabash Cannon Ball. 
What are you afraid of? Dinosaurs. 
What makes you laugh? Tickles. 
Where is your favorite place to go? The Lodge! 
What do you want to be when you grow up/where do you want to work? I want to work at Meggit Ford like daddy and sell money. 
What does mama always say to you? Oh that's a tricky one. Don't take things. And don't sneak up on her and wake her up. Like when I hide under your bed. 
What makes you happy? Nothing. 
What makes you sad? When something falls on me. 
What are you really good at? Riding a bike. 
What are you not very good at? Working with hammers. 
What is love? When you love someone you like someone. 
Where do you live? "Recites our address but mixes up the numbers" 
What does daddy do at work? Nothing. 
What does mommy do at work? Make the babies feel better at the bambino. 

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