Monday, September 19, 2016

John is TWO

My baby isn't a baby! You're a walking, talking, attitude machine!

Wear size 24 month pants, 2t shirts, size 6.5 shoes, and size four diapers.
Weigh 26 lbs and are  inches tall.
You are constantly on the move. 
I know you were "supposed to" but you my son, are the reason we actually do anchor the furniture to the walls. 
Your speech has exploded in the past couple of months and you'll even sing now. 
Love to eat junk food and fruit. 
Try to keep up with your brother at every turn, even so much as pooping on the potty with him and taking over riding his balance bike. 
I feel like if I gave it a 100%, you could be nearly potty trained but that thought is so overwhelming! We'll get there... 
Such a klutz and are constantly getting hurt. You trip over your own feet all. The. Time. 
You hate wearing shoes and socks! As soon as possible, you take them off like in the car, grocery cart, stroller, or just kick them off in the driveway. 
Make the funniest faces and expressions and "give looks". 
Have an attitude as big as the sky. 
Such a sweet and easy kid to put to bed. 
I swear you hide paci's from us so that when we take them away, you go and find your hidden stash. You'd walk around all day with one in your mouth if I'd let you. 
Got your two year molars over a couple of weeks and was waking up every few hours during the night.

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