Sunday, November 20, 2016

26 months

John at 2 years and 2 months old

26lbs and 34in tall, those 2T pants are looking a little short...
Collected up all the pacis and gave them to Ms Amy's baby (who was actually her nephew, but you didn't know that). Cried and fussed the first night but the next morning is when you actually handed them over to Theo and you never really looked back.
It's gone so well! Your sleep habits improved almost immediately.
Can say lots of words and phrases but are difficult to understand. I'm often left translating.
So loud. All the time. Talk loudly, play loudly, you're just noisy!
Finally seeing *some* of the persistent parenting paying off in your behavior and attitude like hitting and throwing things.
So much fun to put to bed and go down so easy. Let me rock you and you sing with me and we have all kinds of funny games we play. I love it when you willingly give me kisses!
Hate having a dirty diaper and have no qualms with taking it off yourself or admitting you need changed.
Obsessed with being naked and won't leave things alone. I purposefully still dress you in onesies to keep your hands out of your diaper.
Certainly know how to play the game and pout or pretend in order to get what you want or some extra attention.
Don't like to sit still to watch tv, but Bob the Builder does catch your attention sometimes!
Greatly improved in the past couple of months of hanging out in the nursery at church. Such a relief that you finally believe me when I say Mama will be right back!

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