Monday, March 27, 2017

4.5 years

35lbs, size 4 or xxs clothes, and size 11 shoes.
Love sleeping in your new bunk bed and moving into John's room.
Refuse to sleep on the top bunk though!
Master two wheeled bike rider.
Moved up to the 16in bike but had to trim the seat post down a bit.
Every night you ask me "What's in the morning, mama?" because you love having stuff to do and places to be and people to see.
All your teachers at church say you're a joy.
Thoughtful and considerate. When you're brother doesn't earn a snack, you often share with him anyways.
Eating habits have dramatically broadened and that's so encouraging!
When you get mad or frustrated is when you often get out of control and have trouble expressing yourself.
This was not the winter to try skiing. You get the concept but are almost not heavy enough to make the skis do what you want.
Gymnastics has been a blast and your super balance and coordination skills make you an easy show off.

Monday, March 20, 2017

30 Months - 2.5 years

28ish lbs - you're getting to big to carry anymore!
3t pants and 2t shirts, size 7 shoe
It still throws me to see you wearing joeys old clothes and shoes. It makes me do a double take. Sometimes I look at you guys playing and I'm not sure who is who!
Just like everything else I've ever worried up the paco was the best decision ever and no big deal.
Have absolutely no inhibitions.
Love to jump and climb and never second guess yourself.
Professional whiner and are often spoiled because of it.
Such a picky eater.
Could sustain life off French fries, noodles,  cashews, and water. Not a big milk drinker.
Still love goop, so that makes me think we can round out those odd eating habits.
Have become a master balance bike rider and of course, you ride like a madman.
Don't like being alone and you're lost when your brother isn't around.
Joey taught you how to climb out of your crib. So that's fun.
Too bad you're not ready for a big bed yet.
You love to sing twinkle, Jesus loves me, and happy birthday.
Ironically, at church, your teachers tell me you're quiet and reserved! So not like at home!
It's scary how much you repeat and mimic Joey!!!!
Gymnastics has been a blast and pay attention and follow directions better than I thought.
You're a little bit bigger than Joey at this age and people often ask if you guys are twins! Yikes!